The Library of Celsus in Ephesus is a fundamental example of Anastylosis:
A Preservation method wherein a ruin is reconstructed or restored utilizing original Architectural elements as much as possible. It is often criticized because, regardless of research depth, some level of interpretation will have to occur, resulting in errors (which are often not perceptible). Damage to "original" elements is inevitable, and it does not consider the possibility that elements could have been used in other structures in different times.
 Petzet, Michael. "Anastylosis or reconstruction – the conservation concept for the remains of the Buddhas of Bamiyan" (PDF). International Council on Monuments and Sites. Archived from the original (PDF) on 27 March 2016.
In relation to Sampling, Anastylosis (and Preservation in general) is contentious. Songs are often sampled when they become public domain or if they have no associated royalties. The discordance occurs because Sampling often intends to manipulate the original so it can be deemed as "fair use."
The intervention at Celsus, in essence, is not a proposed "physical" structure, but a speculative and interactive Augmented Reality manipulation of space. It is wholly transformative in that it imagines a structure which would be more akin to Historic Perversion than Preservation, yet respectful in its externalization of the histories and geometries embedded in Celsus. 
It reimagines the current ruined site as a facilitator of its "original" utility: a cultural and intellectual focal point for Ephesus. The site samples the elements while building on a space which is essentially "unbuildable" by physical means.
The following series indicates early formal and annotative strategies for kit-bashing over a base of the Library (sampled song) to yield "new" conditions. The grey annotated stills to the left suggest a series of devices which a "building sampler" may harness to create the corresponding visual songs in the stills to the right. This series was essentially a practice in a disciplinary synesthesia.
Leaning into the notion of Historic Perversion, the kit-bashing was speculated to the extreme, proposing a completely imagined surreal city-scale settlement made from sampled models:
an Oil Rig
a Telephone Pole
a Ketchup Bottle
Various Scaffolds
a Deconstructed 3D printer
a Drone
an AR-15
a Photogrammetry of a Fly
an Air Compressor

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