The histories and granular practices of every conceivable discipline are embedded in sites, whether physical, digital, spiritual, or otherwise. Original Remix: Transcendent Disciplines proposes a series of semi-physical interventions on these historical sites associated with the inception or practice of a discipline. These interventions activate conversations across both time and space, aiming to break down professional barriers, raising the median condition, and inciting a cultural rising tide. The essence of this Thesis is to provide the framework for empathetic growth between participants across the world, where the goal is not to simply do work with other practitioners but to work as another practitioner.
The cartography below annotates a non-exhaustive catalogue of these sites.
The "deliverables" which this (web)site comprises suggests a larger pedagogical approach to subsequent Architecture Design Studios wherein students are permitted autonomy to choose and "practice" another discipline to inform Architectural approaches. As indicated by its name, Original Remix references Sampling, especially in Hip-Hop, as a proxy to borrow disciplinary tactics.
Thus, Sampling is a case study discipline which, by its nature, galvanizes a structural precedent for the Thesis as a whole.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Sampling does not strictly occur as a musical practice. It is particularly useful because it allows at least two temporalities (not merely moments or "times") to exist simultaneously: the borrowed "original" and the "song" which samples it. This temporal distortion is a macrocosm of the manipulation (distortion, compression, etc.) which occurs in these songs. 
The "timelines" below borrow (sample) the logic of polyphonic music as an organizational structure for the Rhizomes between media, intellectual property, and their cultural contexts.
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